Need to book a hotel in Grimsby?

Are you visiting North Lincolnshire this summer?

Why book a hotel in Grimsby when you can stay in nearby Barnetby-le-Wold? This small rural village is home to Holcombe Guest House and only a stone’s throw away from Grimsby.

Perfect for those looking for a peaceful place to stay, Holcombe Guest House has a range of rooms to choose from, including singles and family en-suites, with cots available for anybody with a baby.

Named after Holcombe Hill in Bury, were the proprietor came from, this hotel is situated close to the M180, within a short distance of Grimsby.

Whether you’re visiting family in the local area or need to jet out from Humberside Airport, our hotel promises a warm and comfortable stay.

Awarded Grade 5 for food hygiene, Holcombe Guest House can offer tasty continental breakfasts for all our guests, including home made preserves and honey.

To book a room at our hotel, simply contact us today.

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