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Are you planning a trip to Grimsby and in search of the perfect B&B  to make your stay memorable?

Look no further!

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to find the ideal guesthouse in Grimsby that suits your needs and preferences. From the Humber Royal Hotel to the cozy Holcombe Guesthouse, there’s something for everyone. So, let’s begin our search for the perfect guest house in Grimsby!

Humber Royal Hotel: Luxury and Comfort in Grimsby

The Humber Royal Hotel is a popular choice among travellers looking for luxury and comfort during their stay in Grimsby. This modern hotel offers a wide range of facilities, including free Wifi, non smoking, private or shared bathrooms, seating area, flat-screen TVs, and family accommodations.

The hotel is conveniently has a great location close to downtown, providing easy access to the city’s popular attractions such as Cleethorpes Beach and Lincolnshire Wolds.

St. James Hotel: A Central Stay in the downtown

Another excellent option is the St. James Hotel, which offers a comfortable and convenient stay in the heart of Grimsby. This hotel is ideally has a great location near the centre, providing easy access to popular attractions and amenities.

Guests can enjoy free Wifi, modern non smoking rooms, and flat-screen TVs, along with free parking for added convenience.

Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express Grimsby

Holiday Inn, a renowned hotel chain in the UK, offers a blend of modern comfort and traditional hospitality that caters to both business and leisure travellers.

Known for their prime locations, these hotels offer easy access to major attractions and transport hubs. Every guest room is designed thoughtfully to create a relaxing environment, complete with comfortable beds, a flat screen TV, and free Wi-Fi for a seamless internet connection.

Many locations also offer family rooms, perfect for those traveling with children.

Apart from the cosy rooms, Holiday Inn boasts a variety of facilities such as on-site restaurants serving delectable cuisine, fitness centres for wellness enthusiasts, and meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology for business events. The commitment to customer satisfaction and a wide range of amenities make staying at Holiday Inn a truly enjoyable experience.

This bed and breakfast hotels offer a variety of property types and room options to suit every need and budget. With a great location to the nearest airport HIA and KCOM Stadium, you’ll be well-placed to explore the Grimsby area and its many attractions.

On the side note, the rooms are non smoking but there is delegated seating area to smoke

Regent guest house : A Charming and Affordable Stay

For those in search of a charming and affordable stay, the Regent Guest house is a fantastic option. This lovely Grimsby bed and breakfast offers private or shared bathrooms, flat screen tv,  bed linen, and modern rooms, free wifi ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Check availability Regent Guest House Grimsby Regent Guest House is situated in Grimsby. Among the facilities at this property are a shared kitchen and a 24-hour front desk, along with free WiFi throughout the property. The property is non-smoking and is located 49 km from KCOM Stadium. Everything is fine. Professionally and Super supporting.  Check availability All B&Bs in Grimsby Looking for a bed and breakfast? For travellers who enjoy beauty in the simple things

The Regent guest house property also boasts a multi-communal kitchen, allowing guests to prepare their meals and save on dining expenses.

Hall Farm and Healing Manor: Scenic Stays in Beautiful Parklands

For travellers seeking a more scenic and tranquil stay, Hall Farm and Healing Manor are both excellent choices. Set in beautiful parkland, these properties offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Guests can enjoy  a minuets walk of the stunning grounds, and easy access to popular attractions like Cadwell Park, just a short drive away.

Viking Way Walk

Free Wi-Fi, Parking, and Other Amenities

Most of the Grimsby bed and breakfast offer free Wifi, allowing guests to stay connected during their stay. Free parking is also a common feature, making it convenient for those traveling by car.

Additional amenities, such as shared kitchens and private bathrooms, are available in some properties for guests seeking a more budget-friendly stay.

Family Rooms and Pet-Friendly Options

Many B&B’S in Grimsby cater to families, offering spacious family accommodations to accommodate larger groups. Some properties are also pet-friendly, ensuring that your furry friends can join you on your Grimsby adventure.

Be sure to check the specific policies of each B&B when booking to ensure they meet your family’s needs.

Cleethorpes Beach and Other Popular Attractions

Cleethorpes, a charming seaside resort on the Lincolnshire coast of the UK, offers many travellers an array of attractions and an abundance of beautiful parkland.

Known for its pristine beach, the area also boasts a vibrant promenade filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops which are all in a minuets walk from one another. Not to be missed is the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway, a miniature railway offering scenic rides along the seafront.

The town is also home to the Discovery Centre, a wildlife haven with beautiful gardens and lakes, and the Jungle Zoo, perfect for family days out.

The nearby Lincolnshire Wolds offer beautiful walking trails, showcasing the town’s natural beauty. If you’re looking for green spaces, Cleethorpes does not disappoint.

The picturesque Cleethorpes Country Park offers a tranquil setting for leisurely strolls, picnics, and bird watching.

With its rich array of attractions and beautiful landscapes, Cleethorpes is a fantastic destination for all ages.

The Lincolnshire Wolds, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offers stunning landscapes and avariety of outdoor activities for nature lovers. Additionally, the KCOM Stadium, home to Hull City Football Club and Hull FC Rugby League Club, is a must-visit for sports enthusiasts.

Humberside International Airport and Transportation Options

Grimsby is easily accessible by air, with HIA being the nearest airport located just a short drive away from the city centre. The airport serves a range of domestic and international destinations, making it a convenient option for travellers. Additionally, the town is well-connected by road and rail, ensuring easy access to other parts of the UK.

Exploring Grimsby's Town Centre and City Centre

Downtown and city centre of Grimsby offer a wealth of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for visitors. From high street shops and independent boutiques to a wide range of restaurants and cafes, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. The town centre is also home to numerous cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, and historic sites.

Shared Kitchen and Dining Facilities

Many of Grimsby guesthouses offer multi-communal kitchen and dining facilities, allowing guests to prepare their meals and save on dining expenses. These communal areas provide a great opportunity for guests to socialise and meet fellow travellers while enjoying home-cooked meals. Ensure that the guest house you choose has the necessary facilities if you prefer self-catering during your stay.

Finding the Perfect Guest House: Factors to Consider

When searching for the perfect guest house in Grimsby, there are several factors to consider. These include the location of the property, the type of room and facilities offered, and the budget you have available.

however, for the smokers , these rooms are non smoking

By researching your options and considering your preferences, you can find a B&B  that meets your needs and ensures a memorable stay in Grimsby.

Booking Your Grimsby B&B

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and identified the guest house that best meets your needs, it’s time to make your booking.

Many properties offer online booking options, making it easy to secure your reservation from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to book early to secure the best rates and availability, particularly during peak travel seasons.

Grimsby offers a wide range of guesthouses and accommodation options to suit every traveller’s needs and preferences. From luxury hotels like the Humber Royal Hotel to charming B&B’S  like the Regent Guest house, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant and welcoming town. With its beautiful parklands, stunning beaches, and numerous attractions that are a minuets walk from eachother.

Grimsby is the perfect destination for a memorable stay.


So, pack your bags and start planning your Grimsby adventure today!

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